From the timeless perspective this website has to reveal the story of spiritual journey which starts from that place of deep gratitude towards life, then sharing that experience unconditioned by certain mental patterns or clinging to experiences that you have to let go to be aware and fully present.

The necessary discipline is required within to avoid drifting into thinking, complete surrender and acceptance of whatever arises in your field of consciousness for letting the deeper state of consciousness flow through to dispel those mental patterns is the disidentification from the ego, and letting go of inner conflicts to see reality clearly and letting life go its natural course without the veil of past.

Now no matter what mental accumulation you have, how life unfolds is determined by your state of consciousness right now, on the surface my given name has morphed into Cosmic/Cosmos from Cosmin, now living in UK, where this website was started and looking forward to share insights that you love. The inner world has its name Cosmic, and for the outer world name is Cosmos which through this website I express the harmony and enhancement of perception to see reality clearly.