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How to bring clarity in your perception

The way how you perceive the world around you is determined by the absence of resistance towards the present moment, that resistance is defined by the way in which your mind is conditioned, out of your mind your perception is clear and can be enhanced to see different dimensions of life. Step above the unconscious mind to perceive the depths of what is happening right now in the present moment in which you should not opose any resistance through mental labeling in order to perceive clearly.

How to live your live the way you want

[adsense] Before taking any decisions step back from your mind and look what is that you have to let go in order to live the way you want, what are the blockages that keeps you from living the life you want, what is your mental disposition and how conscious you are right now of your mental patterns which influence your life. If you where born right now having necessary intelligence to achieve everything you want in this life, how you’ll train your mind for that in order to live the life that you want.