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Letting go the mental labels

To let go those mental labels that you consciously or unconsciously assigned to certain objects is to became more aware of what is happening in your mind right now then the moment you recognize a mental label you let it go by knowing that is just a mental label that does not help you at all. The moment when the light of consciousness shine into your mind and you are aware of mental labels, that label is disolved because you understand that has no usefull purpose whatsoever and so you decide consciously to let it go.

Remain detached from any identifications

To remain detached from any identifications is to be aware of those identifications that you make unconsciously or consciously, let go any identifications that you made to remain aware of who you trully are which is not who you think you are or what others think of you. Out of this beyond concepts you are able to know but without desiring but rather surrendering to the presend moment and accepting whatever is bringing you then accepting whatever is by looking within and pointing to your true nature which is less than any identification you made about you: the religion, groups, beliefs and mental dispositions.

Stay alert

[adsense] You probably felt those moments of tiredness in which you feel your level of energies goes down and you want to do certain things but unable to have the necessary energy, that happens because you are drifting in toughts instead of being aware of the present moment. To maintain your presence and focus on what you’re doing is essential to remain alert to avoid losing yourself in thinking thoughts that brings you away of the present moment.

Haven is here

In the absolute moment where your perception is untouched by mental judgements of whatever is happening right now, haven reveal itself right there where you are perceiving the life pristine and innocent. Out of this whatever you perceive through your sense perceptions is that deeper intelligence called lila in its beauty that is called haven. Whatever comes in your mind as a thought form is simmilar with the wave on the surface of the ocean which disolves into the whiteness of the canvas that you just have ready to paint and unwilling to spoil whatever is but let the life itself unfolding from a deeper dimension of who you are.

How to enhance your perception?

Your perception is not to be improved but to let go what keeps you from seeing clearly that which you let go is from within diging deep into the nature of who you are which ultimatelly is formless being that you are. The compulsiveness of your mental labeling that is because from deep within you have to let go that which makes grasp to objective reality. The compulsive need to understand is disolving the moment you realize is nothing to understand in the deepths of your being.

How to use your intelligence?

What happens with this life that sees this whatever it perceives is your responsibility so wake up and see what you are doing to yourself. You know to speak, to smile, to be joyfull, probably you trained your mind to be ready to start doing intelligently as if you doing nothing but just looking within and letting life unfold itself. This does not look to smart but the thing is that way you access the universal intelligence that helps you to do whatever you do right now and life unfolds in such a way that your perception is shifted and you get rid of mental accumulations which tells you who you are.

Recycling past experiences

Instead of recycling past experiences try to live this experience called life more intensly without looking through the veil of past at this very present moment in which you find yourself in right now. Pay your full attention to your breathing or to your energy field of the body to remain awake and let go the need to understand but rather surrender to life without clinging to any experience. If you know who you trully are is easier to let go the need to understand what just happened and let life flowing its natural course.

Eliminate Compulsiveness

To perceive clearly detach from the compulsive habbit of reacting to understand what probably has another meaning than what you thought compulsively. Find the source of compulsiveness and break the habbit of understanding yourself. If necessary write down your thoughts on a journal and keep your attention to the present moment without clinging to the need to understand what just happended. Whatever you write out or not on a journal, it is to empty your mind of the mental patterns to bring clarity in your perception to see what is without the veil of past, without reacting to judge but step back from your mind and see the deeper meaning of what you perceive.

Find your true nature

To find who you trully are is to let go who you thought you are and break the identification with the voice in the head that tells you who you are. In the deepest sense you are timeless formless awareness that is aware of the fact that you are aware. On the surface your compulsive clinging to your sense perceptions creates all sorts of illusions of who you are but who you are is not your thoughts or emotions that arise in your field of consciousness.

Eliminate Anxiety

[adsense] To eliminate anxiety is to be aware of thoughts and emotions, the moment you’re are aware of thoughts and emotions you are able to short-circuit the cycle of thought emotion which creates anxiety or fear. But the thing is you can be aware of thoughts and easily elliminate the compulsive thinking which creates anxiety by trining the mind. The easiest way is to meditate and quiet your mind to be aware of thoughts, the moment you are aware you can disidentify from thought by paying your full attention on your breathing or the energy field of the body.

Claim your innocence

Innocence is that quality you can’t say much about but make you feel good, makes you feel your guard is off unable to do much but to surrender, is that pure sensation that reflects within you without understanding what is happening to you. If you remember that moment when time didn’t existed and you felt joy by simply being in the present moment and nothing to worry about or to think at inexistent problems, that is a glimpse of innocence that you can claim it at any moment.