Claim your innocence

Innocence is that quality you can’t say much about but make you feel good, makes you feel your guard is off unable to do much but to surrender, is that pure sensation that reflects within you without understanding what is happening to you. If you remember that moment when time didn’t existed and you felt joy by simply being in the present moment and nothing to worry about or to think at inexistent problems, that is a glimpse of innocence that you can claim it at any moment.

Thinking problems that actually does not exist, no matter what the situation is, to add thoughts about what is makes you have unnecessary baggage to carry, so the innocence of being untouched by mental baggage that externals tries to put in your head is what makes you feel the joy of life. No matter what your age is you can claim your innocence which has nothing to do with any religion or any external thoughts about physical aspect of who you are.

Claim your innocence that was obstructed by psychological time and other illusions and see reality without that veil which obstructs your innocent perception. To remove that veil, deny thyself until your mind becomes empty of any illusions about reality, start by being aware of your breath and your energy field of the body then any thought that arises in your mind is as the clouds on the sky which comes and goes without you clinging to them.

Not clinging to any thought or emotion is to disidentify from who you thought you are and claiming your innocence which is prior to any thought structures. To have the innocent perception of reality is the most satisfying experience you could have in this life and if you can stay like that then you feel the joy of life every moment. Out of time, here and now is all that you have and you just need to go deeper and accept whatever arises in your mind without identification with any thought.