Detach Your Mind From Technology

Be aware of how technology affects your mind to avoid linking into that habitually, but the great thing is if you are aware of using technology compulsively then gradually that habbit disolves and you will learn to use it consciously. Be aware of that thought which happens before using technology and gradually you will become more conscious while using it.

When that thought arise ask yourself if you really need to follow that thought or is it something else which is more important for you to do in the present moment. Go deeper into the present moment to see the way in which instead of reacting you can use technology consciously so then its easier for you to stay present and avoid your mind being pulled but awake.

This age is the spiritual teacher that forces you to be awake and go deeply into the present moment to avoid letting technology to use you but rather to use technology only if is needed and that only being conscious. If you feel you are to fast when notification sound is rising, try to avoid you being triggered, also have a moment of space in which is possible to break the identification with the reactive behaivoir to be conscious while using technology.

Ask yourself why to react instead of having patience to break the habbit of compulsive reaction, take a 4 seconds deep breath and keep the air for 2 seconds, then let it out for 4 seconds before using technology. If necessary don’t forget to disable notifications to keep your attention going on the thing that is relevant for you in the present moment.