Eliminate Anxiety

To eliminate anxiety is to be aware of thoughts and emotions, the moment you’re are aware of thoughts and emotions you are able to short-circuit the cycle of thought emotion which creates anxiety or fear. But the thing is you can be aware of thoughts and easily elliminate the compulsive thinking which creates anxiety by trining the mind.

The easiest way is to meditate and quiet your mind to be aware of thoughts, the moment you are aware you can disidentify from thought by paying your full attention on your breathing or the energy field of the body. So while you meditate your full attention is on your breathing and the energy field of the body and if you feel pulled by thoughts that produces anxiety you don’t have to follow or to believe those thoughts. If the energy formation of thoughts is too strong breath deeply while you are aware of the air that flows in and out. The psychotherapeuts already tells you that you are not your thoughts, you are the awareness that is aware of thoughts.

“Nothing exists as appears” – Dalai Lama

If you realize that the future is only thoughts in the head means you know what time is and how affects your perception, if you remove the time from your head and keep it at your hand as the watch that you wear is easier to know what is the source of thought. Your mind should not think compulsively about past and future, you should use thinking only when necessary and that is to apply focused thinking. If something from within makes you think thoughts that makes you feel anxiety or fear eliminate that immediatelly.