Eliminate Compulsiveness

To perceive clearly detach from the compulsive habbit of reacting to understand what probably has another meaning than what you thought compulsively. Find the source of compulsiveness and break the habbit of understanding yourself. If necessary write down your thoughts on a journal and keep your attention to the present moment without clinging to the need to understand what just happended. Whatever you write out or not on a journal, it is to empty your mind of the mental patterns to bring clarity in your perception to see what is without the veil of past, without reacting to judge but step back from your mind and see the deeper meaning of what you perceive.

The compulsive reaction comes from the fear of unknowing the meaning of what you perceive through your sense perceptions, hearing, seeing and other senses. Usually happens to judge your sense perceptions through the veil of past but just see that if you had no past you have nothing to say about the present moment and what you perceive through your sense perceptions.

Now, learn to handle your energy to avoid having unconscious behaivoir of pouring out energy habitually instead of keeping your attention focused on what you’re doing right now. Pay your full attention to your breathing and to the energy field of the body to increase your presence which helps you to avoid reacting and to judge the present moment which is the way it is. Whatever you perceive it happens in the present moment, the conceptual mind is which is working to understand what is happening but that shall not be used compulsively but consciously.