How to bring clarity in your perception

The way how you perceive the world around you is determined by the absence of resistance towards the present moment, that resistance is defined by the way in which your mind is conditioned, out of your mind your perception is clear and can be enhanced to see different dimensions of life. Step above the unconscious mind to perceive the depths of what is happening right now in the present moment in which you should not opose any resistance through mental labeling in order to perceive clearly. You will know if your perception is enhanced and clear so you don’t have to think the way but be the way until the way reveals itself as the light which dispells the darkness of your perception. Focus your attention on the present moment without clinging to any experience and without trying to understand what happens in the present moment through your mind because your perception is defined by the lack of grasping to objective reality, beyond ego and its death, your inner most identity flowrish from within out to be one with the Life Itself undivided non-dual life that you are.