How to enhance your perception?

Your perception is not to be improved but to let go what keeps you from seeing clearly that which you let go is from within diging deep into the nature of who you are which ultimatelly is formless being that you are. The compulsiveness of your mental labeling that is because from deep within you have to let go that which makes grasp to objective reality. The compulsive need to understand is disolving the moment you realize is nothing to understand in the deepths of your being. Superficially through using specific concepts you are able to find your way and use your intelligence for manifesting the life you want.

Using the time concept properly is easier to let your life unfolding while feeling joy and making money from your hobby. The acceleration of that happens using your intelligence properly and doing the right action which comes from that deeper understanding of reality. Use the concept of neuroplasticity and rewire your brain to function at its best with the minimum effort and maximum joy, remember that this moment is everything you have to use it properly and letting the life unfolding without the compulsiveness of thinking but rather focusing on the single thig that is relevant right now. Do not cling to what you perceive and let your mind be unconditioned by the past, but rather let that deeper intelligence flow through focused thinking.

Now whatever is happening, staying present is the most important thing you want to be aware of in order to use that intelligence properly. If future comes its as a thought form which might inspire you to find out what is the next step in your life to arrise to grace. Stepping deeply into the present moment is to pay your full attention to this moment which is everything that is relevant right now, pay attention to your breathing, pay attention to the energy field of the body and break the identification with your habbitual thinking that is called ego. But deep within that formless awareness is aware that is aware and unbinds you from the cycle of death and birth. Now if you want to go much deeper you where never born but that is another subject for a post. Please leave a comment on the form bellow.