How to live your live the way you want

Before taking any decisions step back from your mind and look what is that you have to let go in order to live the way you want, what are the blockages that keeps you from living the life you want, what is your mental disposition and how conscious you are right now of your mental patterns which influence your life. If you where born right now having necessary intelligence to achieve everything you want in this life, how you’ll train your mind for that in order to live the life that you want.

If you feel depression while interacting with people whom you share the past, make your point very clear about your preferences regarding any interaction or cut the link between you and those who keep you stuck in the past. No matter what your age is, life is not finished until you die, so no reason to dweel in the past but to move forward to live your life the way you want. First of all define your personal goals that are necessary to guide your life in that way that makes you feel happy, if you feel that your mind have to be prepared before completing the goals follow these steps of training the mind by askind the following questions:

  • What are your fears besides the fear of death?
  • What are your weekenesses that you have to overcome?
  • What are your limited mental patterns that you have to disidentify from?
  • What are the limited beliefs that keeps you from training your mind?

Based on the way how your mind is working and how conscious you are right now determines the way how life unfolds, so before going forward to follow your own deepest desire make sure your mind is trained to achieve the goals that you define.

See what your mind is doing and eliminate inner conflicts from the mind that keeps from living your dream not influenced by any external judgemental of who you are in the deep within. If you feel perceive judgements from external accept them and disidentify from everything that is not helping you to live your life happily because who you are has nothing to do with what they think about you. Use determination to satisfy your deepest desire and act with perseverence to remove the limited beliefs that are not useful for you to live the way you want. Maybe those beliefs are from religion, maybe from the environment you grew up, maybe from your parents or friends, the moment you are aware of limited beliefs that influence your life you let those beliefs fall off and conduct your life more consciously without any limitation which keeps you from living life the way you want.