Intesification of presence

Here and now is where you are aware by looking within beyond identification with your own mind. Doing what you are doing right now, based on direct experience of this moment unattached to any mental objects of perception, you are present. Identification with this moment creates resistance with the present moment, so accept whaterver you perceive through your sense perceptions. Being aware of your emotions and let them be without clinging to them, just being aware and letting the light within shine into your experience of the present moment. Going deeper into the now you make place for something else to emerge, a deeper knowing that helps you to disolve your pain body and live this live more fully.

Then you no longer identify with with the suffering and accept through continous surrender to the present moment. You don’t react anymore to situations in which you find yourself in, you are one with life. That you can experience by religuishing the need to understand and accepting this moment completly, to use the mind only when necessary and if you don’t know, accept that and a deeper knowing arise by accesing the universal intelligence. Most of the ancient teaching points to that realization and you have to discover for yourself by looking within. By pointing attention to the energy field of the body and surrender to it helps you to let go the need to look in the past instead of remaining present. Breath meditations helps you for a moment to disidentify from the mind to discover that inner stilness which has nothing to do with time, realizing the timeless dimension of who you are. Also going in nature helps you to became still or looking at trees, with that intense aliveness that you perceive by paying your full attention from intense alertness of what is happening right now.