Into the light

The journey into the light is the process that reveals your true nature which is available for us to discover by looking within oneself. Continuous surrender to what is here and now by realizing that clinging to objective reality is what happens at this moment by using concepts to understand what we perceive though our minds. At the emotional level, we experience feelings as acceptance, joy, peace and other emotions vibrating at certain frequency and you see reality based on reflection of your inner state. Continuous surrender to your lower frequency emotions as fear, pride, or guilt shifts your emotions to courage, willingness, eventually to reach the inner peace thought by different ancient teachings so you can experience life more fully. This implies to give attention to you feelings, to observe your mind at this moment to see what limits you from seeing reality of non-duality from which peace arise. By not identifying with your thoughts you remain aware as a witness of your mind and emotions and through continuous surrender is it possible to let go negative emotions to overcome suffering. If you’re still into this journey I show you some of the practical approaches to be able to discover that inner state from which joy arises, so for this process continuous surrender and acceptance is necessary to be able to be present and aware.

This present moment is everything that is and never will not be the present moment, how you experience this moment depends on how aware you are of what you are doing right now. That implies knowing one self or, from a deeper perspective: “Peace that passes all understanding”, which is found within, helps you to be able to be without grasping to objective reality. Continuous surrender to the present moment requires feeling comfortable with this moment in which you find yourself in, being aware of your mind frees you from living your life from the little self perspective and to awaken your true self. Non dual perspective, Is that flow of seeing reality without fragmentation from inside out where everything is seen without the opposites, everything is seen as it is arising into the light that shines bright upon your inner journey.