Job Interview Attitude

The attitude you have during the interview determines the outcome more than the skills you have or how much knowledge you have about that specific job. How conscious you are during the interview to tell the right thing and ask the right question guides the interview in that way which both are rising up to a challange that is faced without any bias or mental disposition to affect the interview. The right way of conducting the interview is that the flow of questions is from the both sides in order to see what is the right approach to get out the best from the interview.

If you feel any sign of anxiety or unpleasent emotions get out from that situation and let the flow of communication going without intreruption to avoid clinging to past experiences. To do that, be aware of your breathing, be aware of the energy field of the body and remain present without letting the mind drifting in wrong directions, but focus on the present moment and show the right attitude because that determines your altitude.

Before the interview make sure you know what is your strength and focus only on that without trying to impress with the knoledge you have, instead see what is their need and ask the right question to see what you can offer based on your strength. If you feel they are deviating from what you have to offer pay attention on your strength and make them understand what you can do by asking the right question.

The most important is to pay attention to your breath and to the energy field of the body to avoid the pulling of the mind into thinking out of context thoughts. The context is defined by your strength and everything else should be avoided as much as possible. If you don’t know the answer of any question it is fine to say the honest answer: “I don’t know”. If you feel that they are pulling you down with irellevant discussions show them the right attitude and make them wake up immediatelly or find your way out graciously.