Letting go the mental labels

To let go those mental labels that you consciously or unconsciously assigned to certain objects is to became more aware of what is happening in your mind right now then the moment you recognize a mental label you let it go by knowing that is just a mental label that does not help you at all. The moment when the light of consciousness shine into your mind and you are aware of mental labels, that label is disolved because you understand that has no usefull purpose whatsoever and so you decide consciously to let it go.

Most of those labels are created unconsciously by your mind because of fear, fear of the unknown or to put it clearly the fear of death. If that happens it means your perception is enhanced and you start to begin to see reality as it is, but your mind and your thought processes ( or the conceptual mind ) tries to understand what you actually have to surrender to avoid to create mental content that you eventually want to get rid of.

So instead of knowing already is better to open your mind to begin from a point of not knowing so then you discover something that you don’t know. Instead of compulsively creating mental labels about what is happening, have patience to see later in another light that is not what you thought it is compulsively. Instead of hurring up to know better to wait a moment to see that what you want to know might be something that is not what you think. So don’t take your thoughts too seriously and keep your attention on what you are doing in the present moment: breathing, energy field of the body.