• The brain illusion

    I am not one of the brain experts but from personal inner inquiry of the spiritual experience the brain is not what they say, at least you are not forced to believe the following non-sense.

  • Recycling past experiences

    Instead of recycling past experiences try to live this experience called life more intensly without looking through the veil of past at this very present moment in which you find yourself in right now.

  • Detach Your Mind From Technology

    Be aware of how technology affects your mind to avoid linking into that habitually, but the great thing is if you are aware of using technology compulsively gradually that habbit disolves and you will learn to use it consciously.

  • Eliminate Compulsiveness

    To perceive clearly detach from the compulsive habbit of reacting to understand what probably has another meaning than what you thought compulsively. Find the source of compulsiveness and break the habbit of understanding yourself.