• How to bring clarity in your perception

    The way how you perceive the world around you is determined by the absence of resistance towards the present moment, that resistance is defined by the way in which your mind is conditioned, out of your mind your perception is clear and can be enhanced to see different dimensions of life.

  • Find your true nature

    To find who you trully are is to let go who you thought you are and break the identification with the voice in the head that tells you who you are.

  • Eliminate Anxiety

    To eliminate anxiety is to be aware of thoughts and emotions, the moment you're are aware of thoughts and emotions you are able to short-circuit the cycle of thought emotion which creates anxiety or fear. But the thing is you can be aware of thoughts and easily elliminate the compulsive thinking which creates anxiety by trining the mind.

  • Job Interview Attitude

    The attitude you have during the interview determines the outcome more than the skills you have or how much knowledge you have about that specific job.