Remain detached from any identifications

To remain detached from any identifications is to be aware of those identifications that you make unconsciously or consciously, let go any identifications that you made to remain aware of who you trully are which is not who you think you are or what others think of you. Out of this beyond concepts you are able to know but without desiring but rather surrendering to the presend moment and accepting whatever is bringing you then accepting whatever is by looking within and pointing to your true nature which is less than any identification you made about you: the religion, groups, beliefs and mental dispositions. Who you are is a peaceful and compasionate human being which naturally you received from your mother at a young age. Uncertainity of these times helps you to go deeper to find who you are beyond concepts and any identification, that can be known only by looking deep within and realizing that union with the Self. Being aware of your thoughts and emotions then paying attention to them helps you to disidentify and remain awake and open to anything that life brings to you, from that deep acceptance and surrender comes forth to be one with life. Life itself will support you to feel the joy of being alive and being on this planet which can be the haven for you and those with which you interact. Take responsibility for your life and bring that into everything you do to contribute for having a better world.