Stay alert

You probably felt those moments of tiredness in which you feel your level of energies goes down and you want to do certain things but unable to have the necessary energy, that happens because you are drifting in toughts instead of being aware of the present moment. To maintain your presence and focus on what you’re doing is essential to remain alert to avoid losing yourself in thinking thoughts that brings you away of the present moment. For example while working or doing your job can easly bring you away of the present moment so stay alert of your sourounding and sense perceptions without grasping to them rather let them go and remain alert and awake. Avoid reacting to what happens in the presend moment and delay your action a moment then you’ll know what to do because your doing comes from that place which helps you to disidentify and be in charge of what is happening outside and within. Remain conscious of yourself and do what is necessary to stay awake and conscious of every action, wake up and use your intelligence to remain aware of yourself while being or doing what you do in the present moment.