The scientific way to see reality

The scientific way to see reality is to look at matter and to apply concepts to investigate further to understand reality, the recent understanding of reality based on quantum theory says that if you look deeper, matter is an illusion which is already known by the budists many years ago. For the scientist to look through the lens of concepts is the limitation to see the deeper reality of who we are which is much more than what the recent concepts is showing us. Now if you want to realize who you are is not to look outside through existing concepts, but to look within from which your understanding arise about what you perceive through your sense perceptions.

Iron Bird

To be free of concepts to see reality clearly is to conduct the investigation from a state of now knowing rather than knowing, because if you know that you don’t know its easier to learn something new which is not conditioned by what you already know. Open your mind for new modes of understanding reality which is not conditioned by what you know or what knowledge you gathered from external sources.

To look within is to be able to quiet your mind for a moment to allow a deeper understanding arise from within and to avoiding to think compulsively, give yourself 10 minutes of rejecting whatever arise to be able to go deeper to find something which is unique and fresh. The quote from Buddism that says “nothing exists as appear” might guide you to a deeper reality that is incomprehensible by the human mind. To be able to see that deeper reality you have to train your mind and have the necessary discipline that allows you to use your mind properly, then to access the universal intelligence and creativity to find an insight that is free of any concepts is much easier. Meditation, yoga, eating healthy food allows you to align your mind, body in such a way that your perception is enhanced and then you are able to see the deeper reality of who you are beyond concepts.